Cell-free DNA screening
for trisomy 13, 18 and 21

Healthcare Professional Space

Medical information certificate and informed consent

In accordance with the item 20 of the law n° 2011-814 from July the 7th related to bioethics, the physician must have given to the patient, during a consultation, a loyal, clear and adapted information about the subject. He must also get her informed consent for performing the test.

To do so, we offer a specific form for the medical information certificate and the informed consent.

This form is available on our website: Download the document

 Test request form

It is mandatory to use the dedicated test request form for prescribing this test.

This form enables to provide all mandatory information for the appropriate management of your patient’s sample.       

This form is available on our website: Download the document

Guidelines for sample collection for collecting laboratories

The sample must be collected on special tubes (Streck) provided by Laboratoire CERBA.Those tubes may be ordered from the local agent of Laboratoire CERBA.

Please contact your local agency for any request regarding equipment for sample collection: Download local agency

1. It is mandatory to collect 2 x 10 ml whole blood. Both tubes must be full and blood must be collected slowly.

2. Tubes must be mixed by gently reverting them at least 10 times.

3. Both tubes must be inserted in a « refrigerated » sample bag

4. Sample must be forwarded to Laboratoire CERBA within 4 days maximum.

5. The following documents must come with the sample and be inserted in the dedicated side pocket of the sample bag:

  • Test request form.
  • Medical information certificate and informed consent form.
  • Report of ultrasound scan at first trimester.
  • All required documents depending on the indication.

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